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Paper Facemask
Price from (piece): $ 24.99

1/4 Lifesize
1/2 Lifesize
2x Lifesize (+$ 10)
3x Lifesize (+$ 25)
4x Lifesize (+$ 30)


Fast 2 days (+$ 49)

Get a 3D paper facemask of yourself or someone else! Your facemask comes in the form of emailed PDF files, which you can print on your home printer and build as many times as you want! Choose from our preset sizes or order in your preferred custom size. Larger sizes will just take up more sheets of paper by breaking up and spreading the papercraft layout over multiple pages.

We will email you your PDF papercraft typically within 3-9 business days of your order being placed.

What is a Papercraft?

A papercraft (a.k.a. paper model, card model, origami) is a model constructed from sheets of paper. Heavy paper or card stock is recommended for larger models although standard printer paper smaller ones. The papercraft layout of model is printed in color, then cut out into individual pieces, scored to help folding, folded along crease/fold lines and then glued together.


Most importantly, we will need one good photo of the person from the front:
If you have photos from the side too then all the better:   

You can upload suitable photos to Upload Photos and preview your 3D Face for free.

Printing Instructions

Open your papercraft in any Adobe Acrobat PDF viewer and preferably print with the 'Fit to Page' option if the papersizes mismatch. Both inkjet and laser printers can be used.

Decide whether to print the papercraft layout with fold numbering or without. You can still use the numbered layout as a reference for the layout without numbering.

Fold Numbering
No Fold Numbering

Paper Type

Thick matte photo paper or 67lb Cardstock (available at most office supply stores) or 120gsm (gram per square meter) paper is best. Standard printer paper can be used although model rigidity won't be as good for larger models.


  • Scissors
  • Glue. PVA (White) glue or a craft type glue is recommended over "School" glue.
  • Optional:
  •    Ruler or straight knife: to assist folding or for scoring fold lines
  •    Empty (Inkless) Ballpoint Pen or Paperclip: for scoring fold lines
  •    Blade/Cutters: can be used instead of scissors
  •    Tweezers: sometimes useful for tricky small pieces
  •    Paperclip: to hold glue-tabs tightly together while they are drying


Assembly Steps

1/ Print papercraft design

2/ Cut the design out into individual pieces

3/ Fold and crease the pieces along all the fold lines. Optionally you can score the edges with a ruler first to aid folding.

Line Type Required Action  

Dashed Line
Make a Mountain/Hill/Convex fold

Dashed/Dotted Line
Make a Valley/Concave fold

Solid Line
Border/outer-edge. Cut, no folding.

4/ Glue and assemble the pieces together. Start by putting a small amount of glue on the glue tab. The best to determine if you've put the right amount of glue is when you press the glued surfaces and no glue comes out


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Preview Papercraft Layout Preview Papercraft Layout
Kate Blanchett Papercraft Child Papercraft
Brad Pitt Papercraft David Letterman Papercraft
Daniel Craig Papercraft Baby Papercraft
Bruce Willis Papercraft Angelina Jolie Papercraft



1.7 x lifesize:31.5x25.4x15.2cm (12.4''x10''x6.0'')
Lifesize: 18.8x15.3x9.1cm (7.4''x6''x3.6'')
3/4 lifesize: 13.9x10.5x6.1cm (5.5''x4.1''x2.4'')
1/2 lifesize: 9.4x7.6x4.6cm (3.7''x3''x1.8'')
1/3 lifesize: 6.1x4.7x2.7cm (2.4''x1.9''x1.1'')
1/4 lifesize: 4.6x3.8x2.3cm (1.8''x1.5''x0.9'')
1/6 lifesize: 3.1x2.3x1.4cm (1.2''x0.9''x0.6'')
1/8 lifesize: 2.3x1.9x1.1cm (0.9''x0.8''x0.5'')
You choose: Custom sizes available. Just specify in your order comment.

The above sizes are for reference purposes.


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