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Expanded 3D Portrait (solid)
Price from (piece): $ 0.00

1/16 lifesize ($ 39)
1/12 lifesize ($ 45)
1/8 lifesize ($ 59)
1/6 lifesize ($ 99)
1/4 lifesize ($ 189)
1/3 lifesize ($ 249)
1/2 lifesize ($ 349)
3/4 lifesize ($ 699)
Lifesize ($ 1 299)
1.5 x Lifesize ($ 1 999)


Get your own 3D Portrait! With traditional lifemasks or lifecasts, the eyes are closed and there is no color. With our 3D Portraits, the eyes are wide open and the face is in full 24-bit color.

This is an expanded version of our standard 3D Portrait as it includes more of the forehead and sides. The back of the facemask is nearly completely flat so it can be laid flat on walls, frames or integrated into your designs (e.g. jewellery, gifts, toys, decoration, art). For larger sizes, it is recommended to order the Expanded 3D Portrait (hollow) version instead, since it uses less material and is thus more affordable.

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1.5 x lifesize: Huge! 34x19.2x12cm (13.4''x7.6''x4.7'')
Lifesize: 22.8x12.8x8.6cm (9''x5''x3.4'')
3/4 lifesize: 17.1x9.6x6cm (6.7''x3.8''x2.4'')
1/2 lifesize: 11.4x6.4x4cm (4.5''x2.5''x1.6'')
1/3 lifesize: 7.6x4.2x2.6cm (3''x1.7''x1'')
1/4 lifesize: 5.7x3.2x2cm (2.2''x1.3''x0.8'')
1/6 lifesize: 3.8x2.1x1.4cm (1.5''x0.8''x0.6'')
1/8 lifesize: 2.9x1.6x1.1cm (1.1''x0.6''x0.4'')
1/12 lifesize: 1.9x1.1x0.7cm (0.7''x0.4''x0.3'')
1/16 lifesize: 1.1x0.4x0.3cm (0.4''x0.2''x0.1'')
You choose: Custom sizes available upon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Prices for each size is displayed in the drop-down select box above. Sizes measure the bounding box of the model and may vary slightly depending on applied face. If you need exact measurements for your face, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it first.


Design: Facemask with back also displaying mirrored skin texture.
Material: Coloured and hard resin composite in 24-bit color.
Weight: Varies with size. Lifesize weight: <1 kg (<4 lbs)

Manufacturing Time

Standard: usually shipped within 4-14 days.
Priority: usually shipped within 3-4 days. Adds an additional 35% to item price. Available upon request or call at (503) 608 4616.
Urgent: built overnight and shipped Fedex Overnight. Available upon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call at (503) 608 4616.

All days are in business days.

Shipping Rates : Details on our Shipping Rates page.

Facemask Expanded 3D Portrait (solid) Expanded 3D Portrait (hollow)

Additional Services

Custom Design:Before making your head, we can add overlay graphics or filter the skin texture, as well as modify the 3D model itself.

Previewer : Preview current face applied to this model. If you decide to upload your photos yourself instead of emailing them to us, you can use the Previewer (available from your facial profile) to select and preview your Expanded 3D Portrait. Once you are happy with your selection, click on the Buy button from the Previewer to complete your selection.


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