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Custom Head for 5-8" Figure
Price from (piece): $ 79.00
$ 59.00
You Save: $ 20.00

Bald - No Hair
Hairsculpt (+$ 6)


Get your own custom-made action figure! Buy your lifelike 1:14 to 1:9 scale head (or someone else’s) and fix it onto a 5" to 8" action figure body.

From just one frontal photo (and optionally a side photo), a photo-realistic 3D preview of your final personalized action figure head is made for FREE. Then, your personalized headsculpt is created out of a resin composite in full 24-bit color. Our custom-made figurine heads are designed to fit onto most 5" to 8" (13cm to 20cm) action figure bodies. You can buy these from your local toy store or you use one from your collection as long as the head is removable.

You also can buy your head on a suitable 6" action figure at Complete Custom-made 6-inch Action Figure.

Head Design

Head Sizes:

Each figurine manufacturer has slightly different head measurements for each figure scale (and even between different lines), so be sure to pick our head size that will best match your figurine's (even if it's a different scale). If you are not sure, measure the dimensions of the original head on your current figure and pick to closest in the list below. Typically, these work well:

Figurine Size Measurements (Depth x Height x Width)
5"    ~2.1x1.9x1.4cm (0.83''x0.74''x0.56'') - varies with face
6"    ~2.4x2.5x2cm (0.95''x0.99''x0.78'') - varies with face
7"    ~2.7x2.9x2.2cm (1.06''x1.15''x0.88'') - varies with face
8"    ~2.9x3.1x2.4cm (1.13''x1.23''x0.94'') - varies with face
You choose:    Quotes for custom sizes available upon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Typically, the bigger the head size, the better detail we can achieve. Compared to our 1:6 scale action figure head for 12-inch figurines, some of the finer details visible in the 3D Face will be somewhat lost in the smaller heads.

Head Mounting:

First the original plastic head must be removed from the 5-8 inch action figure. In some cases, the head can be removed directly by pulling firmly on the head. However, we recommend first putting your figurine's head under very hot tap water for a minute and then use a towel to pull off the head with a firm pull. The original plastic head can be snapped back on to return the figurine to its original state.

To fix the head to the figurine's neck-post, first knead the provided Putty/Blue-Tak (provided) into a ball of softer putty. Insert it inside the head so that most of the head is filled. Then press it down on the neck-post. The head should now fit firmly it place. It can still be rotated to make the figurine look sideways.

For a more permanent fixation, Expoxy Putty (provided) or Hot Glue with a Glue-gun can be used.


Design: Full head with neckless design. Hollow inside. The hair effect is achieved with a textured color hairsculpt.
Material: Matte, coloured and hard plaster-like composite in full 24-bit color. The colors are not painted on but are actually part of the make-up of a thick color outer layer of the model, therefore it should gracefully resist superficial scratches and not rub off. Due the to the manufacturing process, the surface is slightly rough to the touch and some layering can be visible. Please avoid banging, wetting or direct sunlight on the head. Each head has a unique shape, especially in the facial area.
Neckpost: The neckless design means that it will accomodate many different action figure necks. Ball-joint neckposts work best.
Suitability: Our products are not suitable for children.
Weight: head weighs 12 grams (0.4 ounces)

Scalp Options

Bald - No Hair A bald scalp. To make this more interesting you can add textile or plastic hats/helmets from standard action figure parts.
Sculpted Hair Hair made from the same resin material as the rest of the head. We will select from our set of template hair-sculpts the one that matches closest with the hair style and color found in your photos. If you would like a different style or color than in your original photo, please specify this in the Notes section. You can view our current selection of hair-sculpts. If you want us to design a hair-sculpt that matches exactly your hairstyle, this is available This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and an extra fee will apply.


Most importantly, we will need one good photo of the person from the front:
If you have photos from the side too then all the better:   
I will email them later If you choose this option, please reply to your purchase confirmation email with your photographs attached when they are ready. If you have lots of photos of the person and you are not sure which ones are best you may send us up to 20. We will select the most suitable ones to make your photo-realistic gift!
I will upload them later You can upload suitable photos to Upload Photos and preview your 3D Face for free. Once your 3D Face is ready, you can use the Previewer to try on different hairstyles, modify the face shape or apply the face to other products.
I've uploaded them You can select your chosen face using the Face Selector to the right of this page, or by clicking on the Buy button next to your chosen face on the My 3D Faces page. Alternatively, just notify us which one you want to use in the provided Notes field in the order form.

Manufacturing Time

Manufacturing of your item can be prioritized so if you are in a rush, we'll get your order out earlier. Choose the Priority time-estimates that best fits your timeline. These are only estimates and final production times may vary. Production time does not include shipping time. Shipping time is on top and depends on the shipping speed you select during checkout . For urgent overnight orders coupled with Fedex Overnight shipping, these are available upon This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call at (503) 608 4616 for a quote.

Shipping Rates : Details on our Shipping Rates page.

Previewer : If you decide to upload your photos yourself instead of emailing them to us, you can use the Previewer (available from your facial profile) to select and preview your optional headgear: haircuts, helmets and cyborg. Once you are happy with your selection, click on the Buy button from the Previewer to complete your selection.


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