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Media Coverage

ThatsMyFace has received the following coverage:

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31 Jan 2013 CBS CBS Big Bang Theory
26 Oct 2012 ESPN ESPN College Gameday 
2010/2011/2012 Too many to put Got bored ;-) Check our YoutubeFacebook and Blog for more.
15 Jan 2010 CBS logo CBS The Doctors TV Show 
12 Dec 2009 Fox and Friends logo Recession proof gadgets [Video] 
08 Dec 2009 Pixo logo Shop For The Man In Your Life At[Video] 
07 Dec 2009 Fox and Friends logo Gifts For Men[Video] 
03 Dec 2009 NBC News logo Thrillist Picks: Holiday Gifts[Video] 
25 Nov 2009 onefm logo CHEEKY INTERNET - THATS MY FACE
24 Nov 2009 computerweeklye logo Bruce Schneier gets dolled up
23 Nov 2009 ITV X-Factor tv show ThatsMyFace's Jedward dolls shown on X-Factor [Video] 
19 Nov 2009 h-online logo lost+found: Android, botnets, Top 10, CryptoMan
18 Nov 2009 heise logo Android, Botnetze, Top 10, CryptoMan
18 Nov 2009 sugarscape logo Guess who you can get action figures of?
18 Nov 2009 darkreading logo The Perfect Holiday Gift For Any Security Pro: A Bruce Schneier Action Figure
17 Nov 2009 theregister logo Official Bruce Schneier action figure steps onto market
17 Nov 2009 webuser logo Jedward dolls up for auction
17 Nov 2009 metro logo X Factor twins John and Edward turned into dolls
17 Nov 2009 nowmagazine logo SEE PIC The X Factor's John and Edward turned into dolls
16 Nov 2009 retecool logo Maak jezelf onsterfelijk (belachelijk)
16 Nov 2009 telegraph logo X Factor Jedward twins turned into action figures
16 Nov 2009 absoluteradio logo X Factor Jedward twins turned into action figures
16 Nov 2009 digitalspy logo The X Factor Talk about ITV's hit talent series The X Factor here.
16 Nov 2009 minnesotaindependent logo Crypto-Man! Minnesota’s Schneier to be immortalized as action figure
15 Nov 2009 Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier Action Figure
15 Nov 2009 gibbs12 logo In Search Of A Creepy Gift?[Video] 
12 Nov 2009 NBC News logo NBC New York - Morning News [Video] 
11 Nov 2009 cmdl Bygg din egen actionfigur
10 Nov 2009 dunhams logo Fresh Linkage
10 Nov 2009 creativetools logo Föreviga ditt ansikte som 3D-utskrift![Video] 
9 Nov 2009 Flash News Frame Someone With Fake Face
9 Nov 2009 fabbaloo logo Celebrity Faces
6 Nov 2009 urlesque logo That's My Face, Indeed [Also, AHHHHHH!!!!!!1!!!1!]
6 Nov 2009 lawrence logo That's Your Face
31 Oct 2009 byrdhouse logo See your face in 3D & Buy gifts with personalized faces
30 Oct 2009 rc-cafe logo Φτιάξτε 3D πορτραίτα του εαυτού σας.
29 Oct 2009 expressnightout logo Personalized Gifts Get Personal:
27 Oct 2009 milkorsugar logo ThatsMyFace Custom Statue
20 Oct 2009 Edge FM logo Want the creepiest Halloween costume evarrrr?
20 Oct 2009 thrillist logo That's My Face
20 Oct 2009 boots and cateyes face to Face time
20 Oct 2009 trnd logo Die eigene Actionfigur: thats my face
15 Oct 2009 midianews logo MUNDO / URNA PERSONALIZADA
16 Sept 2009 hate the future hatethefuture
15 Sept 2009 theirtoys logo creepy-bizarre-sexual-gifts-to-send-your-loved-ones
14 Sept 2009 futurismic logo That’s My Face! Fabbing company will print you a 3D mask
11 Sept 2009 fabbaloo logo That's My Face!
26 August 2009 MONSTERS AND ROCKETS That's My Face[Video] 
26 August 2009 wongablog logo you-might-as-well-face-it
23 August 2009 humo logo Cremation Solutions
21 August 2009 manolith logo Cremation Solutions Invents The Creepiest Urn Known To Man
17 August 2009 starfm logo STAR FM Toys4Boys
5 August 2009 most horrible thing ever most horrible thing ever:archive
5 August 2009 asylumitalia logo L'urna cineraria? Arriva quella a vostra immagine e somiglianza
5 August 2009 zigonet logo Une urne funéraire en forme de tête
4 August 2009 telegraph logo Pictures of the day
3 August 2009 turkishny logo Külleriniz kafanızda yaşasın!
3 August 2009 adam logo Pohrebná spoločnosť ponúka urny v tvare hlavy zosnulého
3 August 2009 abc15 logo Urn shaped like human head
3 August 2009 thefrisky logo You’re Urnbelievable: Facing Your Fear Of Death
3 August 2009 shortnews logo Eigenes Gesicht auf Actionfiguren und Masken
2 August 2009 bitterwallet logo Dead classy - the urn that looks like its inhabitant
1 August 2009 thebump logo for only $2,600 I could creep out my family HORRIBLY
1 August 2009 Breakfuss Club Personal Urns....OH HELL NO!
1 August 2009 amenito logo Ever Wanted A Custom Action Figure With Your Face?
1 August 2009 ananova logo Jedward all dolled up
1 August 2009 ropeadope logo YO THAT’S MY FACE
1 August 2009 incrediblethingse logo Custom Face Products from That’s My Face
1 August 2009 amenito logo Vydra's Click Of The Day
1 August 2009 amenito logo Postaw sobie na kominku głowę zmarłego
1 August 2009 boojakascha
31 july 2009 flashnews logo Buck Wolf’s Weird News Central: Personal Urns
31 july 2009 aprilwinchell logo This creeps me right the fuck out
31 july 2009 spurstalk logo i'd keep my smoke in it!
31 july 2009 strangemall logo Personal urns
31 july 2009 metro logo Ashes urn shaped like a human head
31 july 2009 themorningstarr logo Personal Urns
  novinky logo Americká pohřební společnost nabízí urny ve tvaru hlavy nebožtíka
31 july 2009 ausgefallene-ideen logo ThatsMyFace: Eigenes Gesicht als Action-Figur
30 july 2009 freshgadgets logo Persoonlijke urn is luguber
30 july 2009 engadget logo Thatsmyface: Sei dein eigener Held (mit Video)
30 july 2009 weirdnews logo Buck's Weird News Blog
30 july 2009 ablestmage logo Get A Mask Of Your Face
30 july 2009 presurfer logo Personal Urns
29 July 09 bagofnothing logo Personal urns are a new and exciting way to memorialize your loved one
29 july 2009 gunsmokemafia logo Personal urns
29 July 09 crave logo Urn that's a head of its time
29 July 09 ohgizmo logo Personal Urns Are Guaranteed To Creep You Out
29 July 09 dorkazine With Personalized Urn, Mom or Dad can Stare Back
29 July 09 gizmodo logo Personal Urn Offers You a Chance to Be Supremely Creepy After Death
29 July 09 Scribe Culture Head Case
  theawesomer logo Personal Urn
29 july 2009 jezebel logo Ode On A Grisly Urn
29 july 2009 crunchgear logo Facial reconstruction urns let you store your ashes in your head
29 july 2009 neatorama logo Personalized Urns for the Deceased
29 july 2009 consumerist logo OhGizmo!
29 july 2009 consumerist logo That's My Face
29 july 2009 uitvaart logo Personal Urns nieuwe rage in VS
29 july 2009 artsblog logo Personal urns: urne funerarie iperrealiste
28 July 09 prweb logo R.I.P. High Tech Facial Reconstruction Technology is Put to Use in Personal Replica Urns, a One-of-a-Kind Memorial
28 July 09 chipchick logo Cremation Solutions Uses 3D Technology To Make Personal Urns
28 July 09 Death Reference Desk Urn Design Comes to a Head
28 юли 09 Tech Station – Интересните Най-ужасната урна на света!
28 July 09 foolishgadgets logo Personal Urns created to resemble the deceased loved one
28 July 09 Advances In Ash Storage Advances In Ash Storage
28 July 09 thedw logo This Isn’t Creepy At All of the Day
28 July 09 gearfuse logo Immortalize Your Likeness with 3D Urn
26 July 09 zabavlenie logo 3D симулация на лицето ви
24 July 09 dawnearles logo Madame Tussauds anyone?
06 July 09 redux logo ThatsMyFace - Facial Analysis and FaceStatues[Video] 
06 July 09 Gaborvida Apparently I can pull off a fairly androgynous East-Indian
02 July 09 twinethpaltrow I think that you should treat me like a superstar
20 June 09 keisuke738 Thats My Face
09 June 09 Oceda logo Thats My Face
17 Apr 09 Hoshi Thats My Face est une application en ligne capable
17 Apr 09 TV2 Beep Print dig selv ud til sommer [Video] 
15 Apr 09 GNPP Portraits en relief
12 Apr 09 Strange Views Dein Gesicht
11 Apr 09 Guionbajo Tu cara en un robot
11 April 2009 amenito logo Tu cabeza en un robot con MechRC
11 Apr 09 Le blog de ptit fred vous fait la tête que vous voulez en 3D
11 Apr 09 Shiva Makalra Your face mask for $2k
10 Apr 09 RoboStyle Dream on, Robo geek: MechRC
9 Apr 09 NeoTeo MechRC: Tu cabeza en un robot
8 Apr 09 Il robot con la tua faccia!
8 Apr 09 Milk and Cookies You can now get your own face put on a little robot
8 Apr 09 FayerWayer Obtén un robot MechRC con una réplica 3D de tu cabeza
7 Apr 09 electronicsinfoline You can now order a MechRC robot with a 3d replica of your own head mounted to it
7 Apr 09 FastCompany Doing The Robot: An Android With A Familiar Face
7 Apr 09 Hackaday your face on a bot
7 Apr 09 Gizmodo Order a MechRC Robot With Your Face on It 
(Gizmodo DE : MechRC: Action-Roboter mit dem eigenen Gesicht)
7 Apr 09 NerdCore Breakdancender Robot mit Deinem Gesicht
6 Apr 09 Genomicon Androidal Xenophobia
6 Apr 09 NoWhereElse télécommandé Mech-RC à votre effigie
6 Apr 09 Botropolis MechRC Robots With Your Face
6 Apr 09 Men vs Culture Finally, a toy worth buying
6 Apr 09 BotJunkie Get Your Face On A MechRC
4 Apr 09 BBC News Click BBC News 24 - Click [Video] 
3 Apr 09 BBC-1 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross BBC-1 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross - Episode 3rd April 09 [Video] 
23 Mar 09 Dario Salvelli’s Blog ThatsMyFace: analizza il tuo volto e fatti spedire una statua!
20 Mar 09 CNET TV Gadgettes Gadgettes - Episode 129 [Video 10:20 mark] 
20 Mar 09 Examiner Quite possibly the most disturbing thing ever invented
18 Mar 09 TopBlog Que tal você virar um modelo 3D?
11 Mar 09 Miguel Mendoza Blog That's my F***** Face!!!
17 Mar 09 Technorekos Site reproduz o rosto do cliente em esculturas em 3D
16 Mar 09 Nerve Blogs - The Modern Materialist Get Faced
16 Mar 09 Nerd Approved The 3D FaceStatue Might Be The Creepiest Product Of All-Time
14 Mar 09 GhoulFriday I may need to have this made.
13 Mar 09 Weekly Geek Show Get a mask of your own face. Fool your friends, scare the cat!
10 Mar 09 NoirPink Specchiarsi nell'altro: metamorfosi sul web, grazie a
5 Mar 09 nlqb Quieres tener una copia física de tu cabeza?
26 Feb 09 Fortress of Testicular Fortitude 1:6 HEAD SCULPT OF YOURSELF AT THATSMYFACE.COM
25 Feb 09 Redford Films Blog Custom Action Figure Heads
25 Feb 09 G4 TV - Attack of The Show Rich Bastard Stuff [Video] 
24 Feb 09 TV Cable Sat Offrez-vous un mini-vous
24 Feb 09 Blogofstench That's My Face! Deathmask!
23 Feb 09 ItMedia ThatsMyFace.comでリアルな立体似顔絵を作る
Feb 09 Tiscali.Jack Un clic e la bella diventa bestia. Guarda come
10 Feb 09 "Je veux une statue de cire à mon image"
20 Jan 09 Event Forum Лицо на память
Jan 09 immer wieder Biedermeier wandelbar
Jan 09 B985 FM The Latest From Steve & Vikki
25 Jan 09 PCStyler ThatsMyFace - Il Tuo Volto In 3D
15 Jan 09 Stupidexe Fantastico sito dove la vostra faccia sara' analizzat...
7 Jan 09 Hoshi Fiquei de cara
7 Jan 09 Peppernet Site cria seu retrato em 3D e o comercializa
Jan 09 Printweek Published in January issue
Jan 09 Focus Published in January issue
7 Jan 09 Teteraconsultoria Crie seu retrato em 3D
6 Jan 09 MCZiNFO Crie seu retrato 3D grátis
1 Jan 09 Chowder Turn Your Face Into A Mask
6 Jan 09 Site cria seu retrato em 3D e o comercializa
6 Jan 09 Best Linux Site cria seu retrato em 3D e o comercializa
6 Jan 09 Blue Bus Serviço online - O q acha de fazer uma copia da sua propria cara?
29 Dec 08 Бизнес на 3D. Храни свое лицо на полке.
25 Dec 08 eBeauty Daily Give Someone Special Their Face for Christmas!
23 Dec 08 The perfect gift for the narcissist on your list
22 Dec 08 ¿Quieres tener tu cabeza embotada?
21 Dec 08 Mobile Device Сервис по изготовлению... лиц
20 Dec 08 Brosscar Your Face 3D on Gift Items
19 Dec 08 Enginerdiness Got that one person you can’t figure out what to get them
19 Dec 08 Dein Kopf als Skulptur inkl. Brainz
18 Dec 08 CES Gearlive ThatsMyFace Creates 3D Portraits
18 Dec 08 Newlaunches Website lets you create face replicas to gift loved ones
18 Dec 08 Oh Gizmo Turn Your Head Into A Pencil Holder
17 Dec 08 GearLog Give People the Gift of...Their Own Faces
17 Dec 08 Writer to the World Is Your Face 3D Art? It Could Be.
14 Dec 08 Webstorming Achetez votre tête en 3D pour noël
13 Dec 08 le bon plan votre visage en 3D
10 Dec 08 Gajeebo Blog Free Facial Analysis and Reconstruction Services
9 Dec 08 100shiki あなたの顔写真からさまざまな分析を行ってくれる『Thats My Face』
3 Dec 08 YetNotDead Voilà la suite du post "modifier sa tête"
3 Dec 08 1000 Ideas Идея № 682. Лицо на память
30 Nov 08 TrendHunter Magazine Personalized Facial Statues
28 Nov 08 CO INNOVATIVE The evolution of mass customization and personal manufacturing
28 Nov 08 Thats My Face est une application [...]
27 Nov 08 Free Facial Analysis and Reconstruction Services
24 Nov 08 TDC Online Lav 3D-model af dit ansigt
24 Nov 08 Hunedoreanul Cât valorează faţa ta?
23 Nov 08 Radio 32 Mit dieser Seite kann man sein Gesicht analysieren [...]
22 Nov 08 Pucciom Acquista simpatici gadgets personalizzati [...]
21 Nov 08 Fabioruini Ammettetelo. Quando girate nei meandri [...]
21 Nov 08 Weird Universe Face Statue
21 Nov 08 Science Jezelf in 3 digitale dimensies
20 Nov 08 Linkovete 3D симулация на лицето ви
20 Nov 08 Engadget Polska Jak będziecie wyglądać za 20 lat?
19 Nov 08 ThatsMyFace offers your own 3D face from two images
19 Nov 08 Dealnews Podcast Photorealistic life-size head sculpture for $2,000 [audio 36:00]
19 Nov 08 Ehrensenf Gesicht als 3D-Modell analysieren [Video] 
18 Nov 08 Interfete Web Portret 3D
18 Nov 08 GreenGirlLA What green LA girl will look like at 60
18 Nov 08 Ravenhorst ThatsMyFace sucht Dein Gesicht!
17 Nov 08 New Scientist Blog Lifelike masks of a future you
17 Nov 08 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Blog That's My Face: Your face in 3D
16 Nov 08 To The Other Side Thats my face, thats how I am
16 Nov 08 XSPblog Mascara/Busto 3D
16 Nov 08 Tech Me On How to Make Your Head in 3D
16 Nov 08 Pabouch Vous avez du mal à trouver un avatar [...]
16 Nov 08 Apfel Thats My Face
16 Nov 08 L'Essentiel Créez votre alter ego en 3D
16 Nov 08 Compra online una maschera iperrealistica della tua faccia
16 Nov 08 Trasformare il proprio viso in tre dimensioni
14 Nov 08 Portrait en 3D avec Thatsmyface [Video] 
14 Nov 08 logo (blog) Cool Link - That's My Face
14 Nov 08 Analyse de votre visage [Video] 
14 Nov 08 That's my face: votre portrait en 3D
14 Nov 08 Mickwin Vrei să-ţi cumperi faţa?
14 Nov 08 (blog) Ta tête en 3d avec ThatsMyFace
14 Nov 08 The Daily What ThatsMyFace is a company that offers to turn two pictures...
14 Nov 08 SmartBrief Hey, that's your face!
14 Nov 08 Official Modern Evil Company My Warhol
14 Nov 08 Cum să-ţi cumperi faţa cu 300 $!
14 Nov 08 Cocktail de Web News ThatsMyFace - Analysez votre photo en 3D!
14 Nov 08 Steel andermans gezicht met simpele webtool
14 Nov 08 Хабрахабр Северное сияние впервые сняли в 3D
13 Nov 08 Crisan Ionel Cristian Un cadou interesant ?!
13 Nov 08 Boing Boing logo Make your own doppelganger visage with That's My Face
14 Nov 08 TechCrunch FR logo Faites vous tirer le portrait en 3D avec ThatsMyFace
12 Nov 08 TechCrunch logo Get A Photorealistic Life-size Head Sculpture For $2,000
12 Nov 08 HowRandumb Best/Worst thing ever created
12 Nov 08 Washington logo Get A Photorealistic Life-size Head Sculpture For $2,000 (TechCrunch feed)
12 Nov 08 Gizmodo logo Buy Your Own Face for $299, Or Someone Else's...
12 Nov 08 CrunchGear logo This Christmas, give the gift of a terrifying, photorealistic death mask
14 Nov 08 Home Biss logo What if Barack Obama is not Black?
12 Nov 08 TechCrunch Japan logo 実寸大のリアルな自分の頭像が2000ドルで発注できるサイト
12 Nov 08 CyberPrensa logo Esculturas 3D de tu cara

Adding more soon!